Home Interiors 76031 BHG Horizon Candleholder Designer Series Ea. HIG HOMCO CNAC LTD!

Home Interiors Horizon Candleholder. The perfect centerpiece, our modern candleholder keeps candles low so the conversation can flow freely above. Embellish with your favorite vines, berries and flowers for added color. Black- varnished wood with hammered metal pedestals in an iron finish. Use with pillar candles up to 3 in diam. 26/"x3/"x5" h. 76031

WAS $79.99 NOW $49.99
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NEW Home Interiors 76031 BHG Horizon Candleholder Designer Series Ea. HIG HOMCO CNAC LTD! 

Candle Accessory $ 49.99. 


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76031 Home Interiors BHG Horizon Candleholder Ds Ea. CNAC LTD HOMCO HIG 76031
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ARROJO Curl Control 150mL/5.1oz Calms Polishes Shine Tame Frizz 713757091619
ARROJO Curl Definer 150mL/5.1oz Moisture-Rich Anti-Frizz Firm 713757109420
ARROJO Curl Enhancer 150mL/5.1oz Tightens/Unites Curly Hair 689076313919
ARROJO Curl Hydration Conditioner 198mL/6.7oz Mirabelle PlumOil748252766328
ARROJO Curl Hydration Shampoo 250mL/8.5oz Sulfate/Paraben-Free 748252766229
ARROJO Daily Conditioner 1L/33.8oz Vitamin-Boosted Protein-Rich 689076187411
ARROJO Daily Conditioner 250mL/8.5oz Vitamin-Boosted Proteins 689076173742
ARROJO Daily Shampoo 250mL/8.5oz Vitamin-Boosted Minerals Shine 689076173643
ARROJO Detangling Foam 125mL/4.2oz Lightweight Conditioning 689076578974
ARROJO Frizz Control 150mL/5.1oz Silkens Smooths Wavy/Curly 713757108522
ARROJO Gentle Conditioner 250mL/8.5oz Natural; Organic; Shine; 689076312318
ARROJO Healing Oil 212mL/5.0 oz/142g Restorative Glossing Spray 713757109628
ARROJO Holding Spray 250mL/8.5oz Non-Aerosol Mist Add Shine Med 689076174749
ARROJO Moisturizing Conditioner 250mL/8.5oz Coconut/Macadamia 696859235696
ARROJO Moisturizing Shampoo 250mL/8.5oz Coconut Oil & Vitamins 696859235672
ARROJO PrIMP Working Spray 300mL/8.9oz Fast-Drying AntiHumidity 713757092814
ARROJO Set & Style Spray 125mL/4.2oz Supple Hold Body Shine All 689076186612
ARROJO Set & Style Spray 177mL/6oz Supple Hold, Body Shine All 696859235641
ARROJO SHINE LUXE Oil 50mL/1.7oz Protects, Smoothes Shines All 713757109727

ARROJO Shine Spray 125mL/4.2oz Visible Gloss & Shine Natural 689076174640


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